Violation of the Universe

by RoughSkreamZ

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tuxdude An unlikely combination makes for an absolutely incredible EP that is a feast for the ears. An absolute MUST if you're a fan of roughsketch, digital hardcore or just all of the above in general.

The final track, Blow Beyond Eternity, also features one of the most satisfying drops I think I have ever heard Favorite track: Blow Beyond Eternity.
Drink to the birth of new life Our voices stay with you Remember, We are RoughSkreamz!!
Finally, we've done Arrival of the hardest souls They guide me, I just stroll This chaos rejoices me Flames and Noises annihilate you The end of humanity Blackened hardcore is gradually forged Pour ancient potions, it's engorged Mystic flames bear a bizarre creature Biting deep, brutal compressor Northern Hater, beat tormentor Fatal error, the riot betrayer Listen, motherfuckers If you are harder than hardcore, join Infernal Gabba Unmask, Unveil The secret of the Far East It's sung by malicious envy of the freaks Alice's children are breaking the law Forgotten rave is nightmare by the maddest circus show The battle is over I'm lonely survivor Dreaming about the distant future and past Home is far away So far away But now, Rest in peace The evil deities come again Vomit all you've gained or to be slain Transform your body into ruinous chimera Obey your instincts, it's the dawn of new era Delight in infernal torture Yes, I'm comin!! King, Queen, Jack, Joker These are your Cards How do you play? Soon they capture all the guards Don't you wanna reach the voice of truth? Negate and stomp the rules and get in the booth Here comes the Skreamz to make you fuckin scream A stunning Muscari blooms in your hand More sake and hardcore, we vigorously demand
Fuck the solar system Overwhelming madness spreads Missiles go ballistic You'll be fuckin dead!! So fuckin disgusting, there are so many men who should die The worthless people wriggle everywhere, everyday they fuckin lie Purify the nation, awesome fuckin detonation Make a mad rush, give brats a bash, heavy thrash Here comes a hardcore crash!! Fuckin idiots still come out Wipe them out, shut them out We must solve nagging problems Embark on the project Revising core programs Finalize them (Violate) the Law of the Universe (Devastate) Go out of the Earth (Violate) Unlimited invasion (Outer space) Unattainable evasion (Erase... Death...) We declare we are the legitimate successor to humankind on the Earth We fight for everyone's high ideals Death is the beginning Walk around to find the ring Play under the black sunshine I watch them with a sly grin Watch what is growing Don't you wanna know what is happening? Honest people are molested, it's maddening Who is to blame in this crazy space? Stear and hear, find the reason to erase the race There are so many ways to take, don't be blunted Choose one, never shun, be a hunter or hunted Perceive it as your mission with the clear vision Devastate everything and fuckin violate Fuckin violate!! Fuckin devastate!! You have got the right under the new law I like it when you die I hate it when you lie I like it when you are mad I hate it when we are sad (Violate) the Law of the Universe (Devastate) Go out of the Earth (Violate) Unlimited invasion (Outer space) Unattainable evasion Fuck'em all!! Overwhelming madness terraform the filthy Earth and solar system This is the end of anno Domini This is the end of human being Violate the law of the Universe with the birth of cataclysmic verse
When those leaves fall I wake up and feebly drawl I remember the time you smiled and cried You stood by me Then you were gone I was lookin for you I was thinking about you Sometimes I suffered from you Sometimes I enjoyed them I rose with enthusiasm I fell with apathy Don't you know who I am? Don't you love what I loved? Won't you take me away? Is this the price I pay? Then I know this is not love for you Then I erase the memories What can I do? What should I be? Ahhhh!!!!! I'm thinking about what I have I'm thinking about why I live I'm thinking about other people I'm thinking about history I'm thinking about social problems I'm thinking about what is happening I'm thinking about money & honey I'm thinking about Love and Sex Then I know this is my life Then I fight with the miseries Then I fear what the future is like What can I do? What should I be? Even if no one is there I will go, I'll meet you again I can see the dawn struggling on the thorny path A fact that I and you are alive is a enough reason to go I take it back, what is mine Hate, I must overcome Inferiority complex A lack of common sense Capitalist economy Eros and Thanatos What causes insanity I must overcome, I must conquer What can I do? I don't care What should I be? I don't care Where can I go? I don't care Why do I live? I don't care I don't need them anymore I don't hate them anymore They don't have a right to lead me Shut up, I want to get out!! So I know this is my life Then I keep my memories Still I fear what the future is like What can I do? What should I be?
I must break the truth!! There are too many fools Too many worthless rules I'm always surrounded by the blues Fuck it all!! Why do you keep me tied I wanna fly, never cry Just wanna fly, don't wanna die Cause I hear the call from the other side The Virtual Devil The New Born Queen takes us new level I dive into the monitor Hail the beauty in darkness My duty is to guard the tenderness Hate me, Kill me, but I live again in better world with bittersweet pain I must keep her alive as the Queen and Devil strive We will make a revolution Charge the fools with noise pollution You will experience evolution All dimensions integration With the Virtual Devil Rape and revel You must face this place Enter ye in at the strait gate In a state of devil's grace Take her hands and dedicate your fate We have completed Reality and fantasy Life and death, dive into the depth This is not faith but simple love The Virtual Devil The New Born Queen takes us new level gives us new genes Yes, we are reborn Our old fleshes were gone 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th connection All dimensions integration by the Virtual Devil The Virtual Devil The New Born Queen takes us new level I dive into the monitor Hail the beauty in darkness My duty is to guard the tenderness I have broken the truth No more worthless rules I'll be born again and again in better world with bittersweet pain The Virtual Devil The New Born Queen takes us new level gives us new genes Hail the beauty in darkness Yes, only her tenderness can seize the cycle
Never Forever!!!! この声は静かに消え行く 巡り行く無力な聖者 残酷な時の流れ 増え続ける犠牲者 命はいつか終わり 繋がり 生まれる 永久の恐怖に 光が差し込む だから僕はみていよう 変転つづける景色を 輪廻があってもなくても どこかへきっと流れ着くだろう まだ 息があり まだ 先があり 螺旋 平行 深淵 闇の向こう 進む 声と 歌と 闘い 抗い 限界はない 永遠ではない 悲しくて 愛おしくて なのに何も言えず 去り行く貴方を ただ見ていた You said to me "this is not our last goodbye" I tenderly touch the memories and they tell me to go beyond eternity そう ここにある この手が届く しかしまた消え去る 彼方に 瞬く 遠く 遠く だが どこにいようと関係ない 魂が求めるならば その境界の番人を ぶん殴って 会いに行くぜ! (Oh, I will be with you) さよならじゃないと 言ってくれた 残された 記憶を 懐かしむ 慈しむ I never say forever I never say never I never say forever AAaahh... I never say forever I never say never I never say... But my words never last forever


The worst! Crazy!! Crying!!!

The miracle unit ''RoughSkreamZ'' 1st EP release.
Active DJ, ex-V-kei guitar & bass, and ex-death metal vocal.

This is a true cry!! Brave the whole universe, the whole universe!!

RoughSketch delivers the best Gabba trucks from Sapporo to the world
Gathered under them, Metal bastards, DD''NAKATA''Metal (Vo), NiActivity's NUE(Gt), inkaku(Ba) and above 4 units, RoughSkreamZ!!!!
A piece that combines extreme aggression and variety of club music and band sound with metal, gabba, hardcore techno and punk as main axis!!
Dance, shout, sway your head!! Must buy!!


released April 28, 2019

Guest Creator
RoughSkreamZ are...
 Inkaku (NiActivity)
 NUE (NiActivity)
 Notebook Records


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